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Friday, 31 August 2012

Little Snowflake says NO to make-up

Little Snowflakes says NO to make-up and the western culture of little girls acting like grown ups! My little girl enjoys being a natural little girl. I remember when I was her age and not wanting to grow up. I am so glad she is not following the sheep at school as childhood is something so magical it needs to be boxed and kept for as long as you can. Childhood is the best time of your life so why the heck would you want to pretend you are older than you are? Seriously if little girls want to grow up so much stick an apron on them and tell them they have to do the dishes everyday three times a day for the rest of their life and I think they will soon change their mind! Being a grown up is dull and boring! I want to be a kid again, oh well thankfully Little Snowflake allows me to be a child with all the arts and crafts we do together!

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