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Friday, 14 September 2012

Bird whistle paint it

Bird Whistle have you ever thought of painting one? Little Snowflake talks you through how Daddy broke hers and we had to search the Internet for a new one and luckily found one. But heck it is not the same. Don't worry Mum (Mom) to the rescue, lets paint it!


1. Acrylic Paints
2. Varnish (water resistant varnish)
3. Small paint brushes of course

I ended up painting the bird whistle Daddy broke by accident. Little Snowflake shows you how she painted the other bird whistle, which I ended up finishing off so sorry there is only part of the video here I am a little camera shy. That is why I am not in a lot of my videos. Maybe I can blame that nasty boyfriend that told his mother I was not pretty. You know girls what it is like, some men just drag you down and knock all the confidence out of you. But we cannot let them win. If not for us for our little girls sake. So go make your bird whistles and whistle hard when men get on your nerves as the noise can be very annoying, but kids love it!

This is my Mothers blog:

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New songs by Little Snowflake child singer

New songs by Little Snowflake child artist. She loves to make up songs and sing them on the spot. Learning lyrics is very hum drum for her. And I have to admit I wish I had her talent.




And don't forget to listen to Little Snowflakes old Christmas song:

Many other videos and songs on You Tube:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Moshi Monster song flower seed

Moshi Monster made up birthday song by Little Snowflake child artist. Today is Little Snowflakes friends birthday. Daddy was not able to get the Moshi Monster Flower Seed toy and came back with a Monkey. Mummy had to think quickly as not to disappoint. So I made the Moshi Monster Mask, a tutu and a button hair band. Little Snowflake also recorded a special birthday message to her friend which  is different to this original Moshi Monster Birthday song she made up on the spot!

This morning I checked my You Tube comments and someone very sweet left a kind message about Little Snowflakes made up birthday song for Monster High. They asked if they could use the song and give Little Snowflake a credit, ah how sweet, of course we said yes! There was also a kind comment from someone saying they loved her voice. It feels good to get kind feedback. I really do not understand people that go to so much effort to leave nasty comments, I mean seriously they need to get a hobby. So thanks to everyone that supports Little Snowflake as you make her smile. And lets face it when a child smiles the whole world smiles back!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Frog caught by Little Snowflake

Frog caught by Little Snowflake yesterday in our back garden. So very cute. Have you caught a frog? Share your story and videos.

We have lots of frog videos we love them. Apple boat frog!

Baby frogs!

How to make a cheap frog pond:

Baby frog as small as an insect:

How to make a frog:

So little girls stop painting your nails and go back to being a little girl and have fun!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Proud to be a kid

Proud to be a kid (little girl!) Little Snowflake is proud to be a kid and does not want to act older than she really is, unlike so many other  little girls. Childhood is so special I never wanted to get older and remember sitting on the swing when I was about 9 years old wishing I could stay young. I am so glad she is enjoying acting and playing like a child and not pretending like all the other little girls to be older. You go for it Little Snowflake throw those silly shoes away. Even better lets stick them on Ebay for 20p and see just how many parents try and buy them and then ask the question "WHY?" I wonder if they will take any notice of Little Snowflakes videos making fun of this trashy rubbish!

Little Snowflakes thoughts on other silly stuff that has nothing to do with being a little girl!

We have to seriously look at all the problems in our world and try very hard to make changes in our Western culture so our little girls can enjoy their childhood for the magical time it should be. I know one thing I am glad I had a real childhood. Being a grown up is hard work, ask anyone that had a real happy childhood if they would want to be a kid again and they will say "heck yes!" I am the lucky one as I am having two childhoods as Little Snowflake takes me back to being a little girl on yet another arty adventure.

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