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Friday, 31 August 2012

Little Snowflake says NO to make-up

Little Snowflakes says NO to make-up and the western culture of little girls acting like grown ups! My little girl enjoys being a natural little girl. I remember when I was her age and not wanting to grow up. I am so glad she is not following the sheep at school as childhood is something so magical it needs to be boxed and kept for as long as you can. Childhood is the best time of your life so why the heck would you want to pretend you are older than you are? Seriously if little girls want to grow up so much stick an apron on them and tell them they have to do the dishes everyday three times a day for the rest of their life and I think they will soon change their mind! Being a grown up is dull and boring! I want to be a kid again, oh well thankfully Little Snowflake allows me to be a child with all the arts and crafts we do together!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sylvanian family toys for sale

My little girl and I will be selling many of her Sylvanian family toys. In this video you will see just a few for sale. We will dress them up and make them look cute. What do you think of the black baby bunny rabbit Sylvanian?

School pet gerbil Fidget

In the above video you will get to meet Fidget the school gerbil, he is just so cute! Little Snowflake also shows you how to turn him into a Blue Nose Tatty Teddy character on a ACEO art card.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Harry Hill my funny friend

Harry Hill the famous British comedian just has to smile to make us giggle. He has such a funny sense of humour I am sure he will find Little Snowflakes jokes and his Harry Hill mask fun! She is pretending to keep him hostage for her You Tube art and craft videos.

We brought the Harry Hill mask in Weymouth and our family home has just been full of laughter ever since. Little Snowflake has made him into a mannequin and he lives in our kitchen. Dad (Little Snowflakes Dad) comes down stairs and Ah.... not expecting to see another man (mannequin) in the house. Little Snowflake went outside and ah.... forgot she had made Harry into a mannequin.

Oh my gosh I have tears falling down my face I just asked Little Snowflakes friend if she has shown her Harry Hill and she said "I went into the kitchen and went ah......" It is a bit like seeing a ghost that you are not expecting to see! After all that funny happy smile is hardly frightening!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Tatty Teddy Art Cards Blue Nose

Here you can see the Tatty Teddy art cards Little Snowflake has created to sell and hopefully earn money to buy more of the cute little toys.

We brought a Harry Hill mask in Weymouth when we stayed with Grandma for the Sailing Olympics. He is fun for You Tube Videos. Little Snowflake loves to make him look real.

Here are some of Little Snowflakes drawing tutorials for Tatty Teddy Blue Nose toys:

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Draw Blue Nose Gerbil Tatty Teddy

Draw blue nose Gerbil Tatty Teddy You to me toys with Little Snowflake child artist. Ok so Little Fidget is not a blue nose toy yet, but who knows what the future holds. I just love Little Snowflakes made up blue nose Gerbil creation.

Here is Little Snowflake, sorry some of the video is missing but the memory on my computer is going and I seem to be losing a lot of my work.

Meet Fidget our school pet. Little Snowflake looked after him last Christmas and he took off with the toilet roll. This year he has been down to Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics.

Don't forget to enter the Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

Draw blue nose bunny rabbit tatty teddy

Draw blue nose bunny rabbit Cindy Woo. What a cute little Tatty Teddy You to me toy she makes.
Little Snowflakes shows you how to draw her. Sadly the memory is going on my computer so I have lost some of the video footage. But you can see our cute Cindy Woo pet bunny rabbit nibbling Little Snowflakes sock and nibbling my clothes.

If you go to the following You Tube Link you will see all of Little Snowflakes Blue Nose Tatty Teddy You to me drawings of her toys. She hopes to sell her little art cards to buy them all. We are waiting for Blossom the white bunny rabbit blue nose toy to come out and who knows if Tatty Teddies see how cute Cindy Woo is they may create her.

Have a go at creating your pet as a blue nose toy. And send us a photograph of your drawings.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

Friday, 24 August 2012

Draw Chase the dog Blue Nose Tatty Teddy new

Draw Chase the dog Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toy from Me to You bears. Are these the new Tatty Teddy toys as they are hard to get hold of? We brought these in Weymouth! Anyway Little Snowflake just adores them and loves to draw all these blue nose toys.

Here is Little Snowflakes video on how to draw Chase the Dog from the Blue Nose Tatty Teddy collection:

Little Snowflake is drawing these ACEO art cards to sell on Ebay to try and earn money to buy more Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys as she wants to collect them all.

Check all Little Snowflakes art videos on how to draw Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys:

Don't forget to enter the free Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

See blog for details:

Draw blue nose Patch the dog

Draw Blue Nose Patch the Dog from Tatty Teddy You to me bears with Little Snowflake child artist:

Little Snowflake hopes to sell some of her ACEO art cards to buy more Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys.

Please note that advertising on my blogs is meant to be totally family and child friendly. If it is not please complain. Thank you! Don't forget to enter our Mandeville Paralympic art competition:

See blog for details:

Draw & paint Blue Nose Passion Love Bug

Draw and paint Blue Nose Passion Love Bug from the Tatty Teddy You to me Bear toy collection with Little Snowflake child artist. Here is Little Snowflakes art video showing you how she has created this gorgeous little Blue Nose Passion the Love Bug art card ACEO.

If you love art, don't forget to enter our Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

See blog for details:

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Paralympic Mandeville art competition 2012

Paralympic art competition draw, paint, sculpt Mandeville and send us your finished image through Facebook. Here is Little Snowflake telling you all about our Paralympic art contest:

So what does the Winner of the Paralympic Art Competition get? In the video above you will see Little Snowflake holding a gorgeous little Mandeville Keyring. These are being sold in Weymouth for over £7 each. And just imagine having your own OOAK Mandeville designer T-shirt created from your original art work. What are you waiting for? Get sketching, painting or sculpting. All we need is a photographic image of your finished Mandeville art to be sent to our Facebook account so Little Snowflake can pick the winner.

Here is Little Snowflakes Original Wenlock drawing / painting which we used for the above Olympic Family Values T-shirt.

And here is my original Mandeville drawing / painting:

We cannot wait to see Madison from Australia race in the London Paralympics in the wheelchair race. Thanks to Google we found her family tree and their was Little Snowflakes Great Great Grandfather Robert Hartland Stanley Miles.

SpongeBob SquarePants drawings

Children love drawing SpongeBob SquarePants. Here is Little Snowflakes drawing of SpongeBob and other characters in the TV programme. She also shows you some of her alien pictures she created with Gel pens.

Draw Passion Love Bug Blue Nose Toy

Draw Passion Love Bug Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toy character with Little Snowflake child artist:

See all the other Tatty Teddy Blue Nose drawings by Little Snowflake and watch how she draws them. Share your drawings with Little Snowflake through Google+ with Mummy!

Draw chase the dog blue nose tatty teddy

How to draw Chase the dog, blue nose toy from the Tatty Teddy collection with Little Snowflake child artist:

Little Snowflake loves to draw and sing. She hopes to move back to Weymouth and teach a little children's art group. Please leave her a kind comment and get others to do the same. Also check out her other how to draw Tatty Teddy blue nose toys!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Draw Blue Nose cow Tatty Teddy

How to draw Tatty Teddy Cow one of the Blue Nose toys with Little Snowflake child artist. Little Snowflake is a great role model for little girls, no make-up, nail varnish and acts and looks like a little girl not a grown up! Is this Blue Nose cow called Milkshake?

Here is a great smoothie which kids will love. Just blend oranges and apples together for a gorgeous healthy smoothie drink! Little Snowflakes favourite drink!

Draw Tatty Teddy Binky Panda Bear Blue Nose

Here is Little Snowflake showing you how to draw Tatty Teddy Binky the Panda with his lovely blue nose.

Now I wonder if Little Snowflake can sell her little ACEO art cards on Ebay etc to earn money to buy more Tatty Teddy Blue Nose toys?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Draw Ladybird Blue Nose Tatty teddy toy

Here Little Snowflake shows you how to draw Dot the Ladybird blue nose Tatty Teddy toy:

When you have children they all want the toys there friends have. So I thought best way to get my little girl to know the value of money is to get her to draw her favourite toys and sell the ACEO art cards on Ebay. That way she can save up for her favourite toys and learn how to control her money.

How are you getting your child to learn that money does not grow on trees?