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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cheap Olympic toys

Argos sale cheap Olympic toys of Mandeville and Wenlock. Hurry as these toys are usually £9.99 now half price £4.50-£4.99. Here is Little Snowflake telling you all about them.

Go to the Butterfly Lullaby Blog for free Olympic Flags and masks to play your own Olympics at home.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Free Olympic Game

Not everyone can afford to get tickets to go to the Olympics. So why not have fun at home and play this free game. It does not have to cost you a fortune and most of it is free. Free flags and mask. And instead of using the Trash Pack cans you could use tin cans and place the flags on them for each Country.

Here are the details of the game and below is a link which will take you to the free flags and mask.

Free Olympic Flags and Mask

Here is Little Snowflake talking about her Olympic and Paralympic paintings!

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Lagoona Blue loves frogs

You know Lagoon Blue loves frogs. She has a three eyed frog. Here is Little Snowflake drawing Lagoona Blues three eyed pet frog and making it into a Postcard.

Now here is where the fun begins. Have you ever tried to grow a frog? Here are some of our frog videos. My little girl and I just love, love frogs. They are so interesting to watch grow from tadpoles.

When I managed to capture this frog in our garden floating on his apple boat it was like watching a Disney film, pure magic!

Our little baby frogs we grew from tadpoles by just feeding them with fish flakes. Make sure you have a place in the tank to crawl on as they will drown once they turn into baby frogs if they have no land. What do you feed baby frogs? Well for us we thought it was kinder to set them all free.

You can turn your old sandpit into a little pond for your tadpoles and frogs!

I could not believe my eyes when I took this photograph of an insect the exact same size as our baby frog!

Now here is a video of me trying to make a frog out of dough. Sadly like everything else I burnt it, te he.
Think I should really give cooking a miss, but him indoors is not much better. At least my gravy is the best in the world or so I have been told.

My little girl loves my gravy, give it a try especially if your kids big and little don't like veg. This is one way to get them to have their five a day.

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Little Snowflake child role model

Little Snowflake is a great child role model for young little girls. She is everything a child should be, funny and innocent. 


For me as a Mother I do not want my little girl wearing nail varnish or make-up. Childhood goes by so quickly it is important to just be a child and go on a magical adventure using your imagination. With the bad weather in the UK it is difficult to get outside. But when we do, wow what a wonderful place it is. 

Little Snowflake has a cute little pet Bunny Rabbit called Cindy Woo.

Here is Cindy Woo trying to eat Toothless the Dragon. Little Snowflake warns her "Hey don't eat my Toothless" I made her Toothless for Christmas a few years ago.

This is Little Snowflakes very first video. In the video she says "You gotta cut, cut cut." Her humour is so sweet and this video still makes me smile. Imagine your child going to the circus and coming back and making their very own clown mask with no help or support, just their own little imagination. That is the beauty of childhood and their imaginations are not getting used to the full because our culture is so different today! I hope to one day make sure their is a CRB check website for our children to all shine in a kind and safe environment. When we as parents are not allowed to video our children on stage you have to question what is wrong with our world!

Here we have Little Snowflake a bit older showing you how to draw her flower alien. Her very own original design. Now that would make a fab magazine! This is her most popular video because everything is game based these days. 

I would like to see a change in our society and have many ideas how to make our world more child friendly. Now would you like your child to watch a singer on TV who looks like she really comes from some sort of stag bash or a little girl singing? Of course we can all see that nothing is child friendly these days. I will leave you with Little Snowflake singing for the first time at school (Heal the world.) It is just an audio with her drawings and paintings. But to me this is real childhood.

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Parents can't video their children

As a Mother who loves to look back on old memories I am heartbroken that we were not allowed to film our little girl at the Grand Theatre singing for the first time on stage in front of 700 people. All because the Internet is not geared up for children or family values. Seriously we need some sort of family website where children can shine safely and has a CRB check database built in to keep the riff Raff out.


We have had so many positive comments about our little girls voice it is heart breaking that she cannot shine in a safe family environment that is Policed by stay at home Mothers for protection. Here is the audio of my Little Girl singing for the first time at school and wow what a fab response we had from teachers and parents.
You go Little Snowflake and melt the snow with rays of sunshine.


With the Olympics drawing so near I would like all sports fans to please stop booing other Countries as it teaches children to do the same which is bullying! My little girl was shaking when she performed at the Grand Theatre because in rehearsal the Welsh speaking school booed them for saying we are The Queen. Meaning the Band Queen and not the Queen Monarch. She obviously was frightened that parents would boo her too. In the video below "My little girl  is asking will someone help me because the house makes her ill?" Sadly no one cares and the banks charge us 14% for a loan for Daddy being out of work and trying to replace the roof which the bank miss sold us on. This loan is more than our mortgage in monthly payments! Seriously how can you mortgage a house knowing full  well the Insurance company will not pay out as there is no felt under the roof tiles? My friend sold her house and the first thing they checked was the roof and damp. How the rich love to exploit the less fortunate and hope that they can financially benefit by claiming the house.

When are adults going to put our children first and make sure the Internet is safe for them so they can shine and not have their childhood stolen.

Here is some old footage of me as a little girl. I would not dream putting my little girl on the Internet without a mask these day. And there is no way I would show her wearing a swimsuit. How sad as that is the innocence  of childhood which has been stolen from them. I believe in good old fashioned values where children have a real Mummy and Daddy. Mothers should get as much support as possible to earn from home using the Internet so our children can grow up feeling happy, safe and secure. Well I will leave you with old Cine Film of me in Hastings as a child. The childhood and freedom my little girl will never know thanks to selfish adults.

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Sweety Magazine

My Little Girl, Little Snowflake has come up with a magazine. She has called it the Sweety Magazine. Only problem is I am not sure if there is a Sweety thing going on at the moment already? Oh well it is just a fun thing she is doing. And I love her Olympic cartoon page. She loves drawing the characters from the girls cartoon bags. Above you can hear her talking about the Girls Cartoon Bag, which all girls at school are raving about and want.

Is there a Sweety Magazine? Who knows? But I did see some sort of Sweety cartoon. Are these the characters from the cartoon bag?

Oh well I will leave you with Little Snowflakes original Sweety Song:

I think she should create a magazine based on her own characters the Fresh Pack. They are so cute. And I had great fun making them into plastic characters based on her original designs.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Little Snowflake sings

Here is a Little Snowflake update. Recently Little Snowflake sang at school for the first time. Her old teacher said "where did that amazing voice come from, and why did she not audition when I was teaching her?" The new teacher wrote in her report "amazing voice and great to see such a positive little girl shine!" He also commented on her artistic ability to come up with different type of original cartoon characters. And well the Head Master has really helped to make her shine with his support and kind comments. Thank you!


Headmaster asks "Will you say yes to everything I say?" "Will you join our school choir?" Well you can imagine I had tears falling down my cheek and was just so surprised at parents response to my little girl singing for the first time and how some said they cried and had shivers when she sang Heal the World. This is just an audio of the event with her artwork because our world needs to work on family values!


I am going to ask adults why are some of us so selfish that we cannot put children first? My little girl and others sang for the first time at the Grand Theatre in Swansea recently and we as parents were not allowed to video the event. Why? Because our world is full of selfish people who have lost family and child values. Children deserve to look back at old video footage of them performing at such a special event. Thanks to things that are not child friendly on the Internet it has destroyed our children's childhood memories. And another thing is that I wish people would stop pretending that old history does not effect children's lives. Old Monarchs and Governments are responsible for racism thanks to past history and it is something that education needs to cover to put a stop to it and that goes for sports too!

Some of the Welsh speaking children booed the English speaking school because they said we are the Queen in choir rehearsal. My little girl does not celebrate the Queen as she did not help save her school butterfly meadow and sports field. But some do. This is only because English schools celebrate such things. Most Welsh speaking schools did not celebrate the recent Royal Marriage or the Queens Diamond Jubilee. And below you will hear the Welsh booing the English team. Well I want to thank the Welsh Man for putting this on You Tube and for saying how ashamed he was. Too many people sweep this problem under the carpet when it needs to be talked about and sorted out as it effects our children's lives. My little girl and others are not responsible for what happened years ago! Same with the poor German people. Remember that poor German singer that got booed by the English when he sang on Britain's Got Talent! Shameful!



Here is a song Little Snowflake made up with Mummy and Daddy. She won a prize at school for this one as it is a song to stop people drinking and driving.


Little Snowflake made up the lyrics and the melody for this Sweetie song. She is also writing a little Sweetie Cartoon character. I wonder what she will be doing when she is older? I hope she gets to shine!


Little Snowflake found out that Trashie could fly through the air. That is when I came up with an original Olympic game for children to play. Check out my Butterfly Lullaby blog and get your free Olympic flags and mask to play this game. You could probably play with tin cans. Hmmm now there is a thought!