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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Madison Paralympics Mandeville pen

Little Snowflake wishes Madison from OZ good luck for this years Paralympics in London 2012. Her Great Grandad is related to someone in her family tree. If only we could see her race. I need to try and get Little Snowflake a signed photo from Madison for our family album. Well here is Little Snowflake showing you the Mandeville pen. She has also designed her very own Paralympics flag which is brilliant and has a couple of Olympic pictures on here which she drew.  

Good Luck Madison we are routing for you here in Wales. 

Monster High Fan child artist

Little Snowflake, child artist, is a huge Monster High Fan. I am just sending off some of her drawings to have printed as postcards. She had started this drawing of Draculaura and boy had I wished I could have captured the whole thing on video. How she drew it without using a pencil is beyond me. She is so quick at drawing. My pictures take me forever and I have to keep correcting them. The pink card gives Draculaura a lovely poster finish effect.

On Fathers Day we changed her bedroom around. She now has a lot more space and sits up there for hours drawing away. I even love to go into her tidy room as it is the tidiest room in the house now and I just listen to her music and chat away about how her day has been. Being a Mother has to be the most rewarding jobs on this earth. I know it is financially hard but she is worth it. Here are a few other videos of her drawing Monster High characters.

I created these dolls hair bobbles which are easy for children to use on dolls hair, modelled by Draculaura. If only I had the money to mass produce them. Never mind. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Dolls hair bobbles Hama picture beads

Make doll hair bobbles out of iron beads:
Hama beads, picture beads, perler:

Do you want to learn how to make dolls hair bobbles for your dolls hair? Kids hair bobbles are too big for their dolls hair. They need something smaller. Well this Mummy has come up with an idea and it is something the kids can make. Want to know more. Also please join this blog for my little girl and support her as she is a brilliant little artist. All kids need to shine. See video on how to make dolls hair bobbles at the end of this blog.

Draculaura is a brilliant little doll model who attracted a butterfly. Hmm that script I wrote for her based around Butterfly Lullaby where she asks herself am I a vampire bat or the Butterfly Princess? Maybe our butterfly flying back to see us is a sign for me to finish this story.

What do you think Draculaura really is? I think she looks gorgeous as a Butterfly Princess:

Here is the tutorial on how to make Monster High Hair bobbles, my own design.
The pink and black bow style is ideal for Draculaura.


Butterfly kit butterfly came back

We set free four butterflies from our butterfly caterpillar kit growing caterpillars into butterflies. And one came back today. I knew he would! My little girl and I love butterflies. Here is a You Tube tribute to Butterfly Lullaby with Miley Cyrus singing butterfly fly away.

Little Snowflakes set free four butterflies in our garden which we home grown from
the butterfly / caterpillar kit. 

Can you see our butterfly in the photograph below? I said he would come back to say hi!

Does Draculaura from Monster High want to be a vampire or a butterfly? What do you think?

We love butterflies do you?

Fathers Day my Daddy can sing and make songs

I thought I would do a Fathers Day dedication from my little girl, Little Snowflake, to her father who is an amazing singer/songwriter, Jakson Lee. Your little girl loves you so much and we are both so proud of you for not giving up and working so hard to create a better life for us all. When my little girl sits on the sofa with Mummy and Daddy and we watch singing talent shows she cuddles Daddy and tells him she loves him and then she gives me a big hug and tells me the same. Family life is everything to my little girl and something we all need to fight verbally for as all our children deserve to be happy and have both parents together!

Here is one of Daddy's original songs based on wars. We don't need or want wars as they destroy family lives! I have to say it is a catchy little song with great lyrics so far! Well done honey good to see you creating music again. And not letting these talent shows make you feel worthless as we know real talent and that is you! One day you will get the recognition you deserve. Even if it is creating music for games.


Hmmmm hmmm, hmmm
All my friends died in the war,
Never got the chance to see Mumma at the door
On the run in the sun holding a gun never knew what they done hmmmm  

This is a dedication to Little Snowflakes Daddy, the father with a beautiful voice that needs to be uncovered. The voice that the UK has ignored for too long. "Daddy you are the best singer songwriter in the world!" These are my little girls words. And how proud am I that she takes after him musically! This is Daddy singing Nessun Dorma at the Enchanted Manor in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the American Kirks Folly.

Our little Angel singing original song she made with Daddy. Music and some lyrics by Daddy. Other lyrics by daughter Little Snowflake.


Family song we created for Don't drink and drive school competition.
Little Snowflake came up with the name Sam and lyrics "No presents from Mum,
no presents from Dad." I created the rest of the lyrics and Daddy put the Melody / Music together!

What an amazing little girl we created! She can sing and make up songs like Daddy.
And she is artistic like Mummy. Happy Fathers Day honey we have created a
pure masterpiece with love! Cannot wait to see our little girl perform at the Grand Theatre!
Listen to her sing live at school for the first time and the headmasters amazing response.
I adore her artwork and voice, what do you think?

Now I am going to search out the video of my little girl face painting Daddy's face as
it is one that will make you giggle! We all need a little laughter in our lives as
family life and raising children is a tough and difficult road. But one we are proud of!
Sadly Sheila Jackson Lee is taking away all his searches in the search engines away
from Daddy singer Jakson lee. Maybe we need to change his name to Singing Daddy! 
He no longer sings in Wales so Daddy Singer is probably better.
Struggling Mothers and Fathers get in touch and lets fight verbally for a better life
for all our children! Hopefully I will be able to find out how to connect with real
people using Google instead of Facebook one day.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Make Monster High Pumpkin old Barbie carriage

My little girl Little Snowflake came up with a fab idea for her old broken Barbie Pumpkin carriage. She asked Mummy have you got any orange paint. So what do you think of our Monster High Orange Pumpkin for Draculaura. And I was going to throw this out! I made the Draculaura costume.

Here is my Little Snowflake showing you how to draw the three eyed (3 eyed) frog from Monster High.
If you would like to buy some blank postcards to make your own little creations get in touch.
If you buy them from me they are only £0.30p each. Cheaper in bulk.

Grab yourself a bargain. This frog stepping stone was only £1 from the Pound Shop.
How cute is he!

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Flower Alien Hama bead template picture

Flower Alien by Little Snowflake is the original design she created some time ago. If you would like to make her flower alien character using Hama beads then print off the Flower Alien template under this image.


Click on the image below, and select save as with the right side of the mouse. When you save this image print A4 size and place under your clear (see through) Hama bead board. Try for the same size as the square Hama bead board which is approx 14 x 14 cm. You should be able to see the picture clearly under the Hama board so you can place the Hama beads on top. As for colours why not create your own little Flower Alien and experiment with colours. Please leave a comment if you like Little Snowflakes Flower Alien as she loves to hear any positive messages.

Little Snowflake shows you how to draw her Flower Alien character using
Nintendo Dsi.

Little Snowflake sings Heal the world. This is her other Flower Alien character:

Struggling Mothers get in touch! See my blog.

Hama beads Wenlock Olympic toy picture

How to make the Wenlock Olympic toy picture out of Hama beads. Created by Little Snowflake child artist. Cannot believe she created this all on her own based on her Wenlock Olympics cuddly toy.


You will need a 14 x 14 cm clear (see-through) square Hama bead peg board and red, blue, white, black and glow in the dark Hama beads (Luminous beads.)


Decided to make some templates that you can print off using the see-through clear Hama peg board. So here it is print off this A4 Hama bead template by just clicking on the image and saving it then print A4 size.
Place the image under the clear (see through) peg board and you will be able to create Wenclock the Olympic character with ease by following the colours and shape of Wenlock himself.

Come back for more Hama bead templates to make Little Snowflakes characters and frames.

Little Snowflake is singing at the Grand Theatre this month so please wish her luck. She sang for the first time in the school concert and Mother's cried. Well Heal the World is such a power song. Here is the audio recording of Little Snowflake singing with her original drawings.

Struggling Mothers get in touch!
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