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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Draw blue nose bunny rabbit tatty teddy

Draw blue nose bunny rabbit Cindy Woo. What a cute little Tatty Teddy You to me toy she makes.
Little Snowflakes shows you how to draw her. Sadly the memory is going on my computer so I have lost some of the video footage. But you can see our cute Cindy Woo pet bunny rabbit nibbling Little Snowflakes sock and nibbling my clothes.

If you go to the following You Tube Link you will see all of Little Snowflakes Blue Nose Tatty Teddy You to me drawings of her toys. She hopes to sell her little art cards to buy them all. We are waiting for Blossom the white bunny rabbit blue nose toy to come out and who knows if Tatty Teddies see how cute Cindy Woo is they may create her.

Have a go at creating your pet as a blue nose toy. And send us a photograph of your drawings.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

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