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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Harry Hill my funny friend

Harry Hill the famous British comedian just has to smile to make us giggle. He has such a funny sense of humour I am sure he will find Little Snowflakes jokes and his Harry Hill mask fun! She is pretending to keep him hostage for her You Tube art and craft videos.

We brought the Harry Hill mask in Weymouth and our family home has just been full of laughter ever since. Little Snowflake has made him into a mannequin and he lives in our kitchen. Dad (Little Snowflakes Dad) comes down stairs and Ah.... not expecting to see another man (mannequin) in the house. Little Snowflake went outside and ah.... forgot she had made Harry into a mannequin.

Oh my gosh I have tears falling down my face I just asked Little Snowflakes friend if she has shown her Harry Hill and she said "I went into the kitchen and went ah......" It is a bit like seeing a ghost that you are not expecting to see! After all that funny happy smile is hardly frightening!

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