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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Melody's bunny rabbits

Baby bunnies, free to a good home. There are five bunnies in total that need a loving family! Lighting and Snowy are not in this video. But they look like Patch and Legolas. Bunny rabbits love company, so it would be nice to pair them off. They hate sitting in a hutch on their own. And really need to live in a Wendy House/Shed with a good sized run on open grass. Or indoors, as a hutch does not shield them from bad weather. Seeing as Melody and I are allergic, we will be trying to house them in the Wendy House this summer. Never buy dusty hay from the farm. Really dangerous for rabbits. Poor Dasher died because of dusty hay. We had no idea as the farmer said the hay was OK for Rabbits. But really it was Horse Hay. We have found a better farm and the hay is the same price, which is good value for just £5 for a huge bundle.  

Meet Cindy Woo! Poor Cindy Woo went missing in 2014. But Melody has lots of lovely videos to remind her of all the happy times!

Melody draws Cindy Woo as a Blue Nose toy.

Coco Boo, bad hair day!


Melody's keeping JINGLE!

Aragorn needs a home!

Patch needs a home! Snowy looks like Patch.

Legolas needs a home! Lighting looks like Legolas!


Happy Mothers Day everyone! My darling daughter has been making me something special for Mothers Day. I just love presents that come from the heart! I tell her every year I don't need anything as I have the most special gift I could ever dream of, and that is my darling daughter.

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