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Friday, 24 August 2012

Draw Chase the dog Blue Nose Tatty Teddy new

Draw Chase the dog Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toy from Me to You bears. Are these the new Tatty Teddy toys as they are hard to get hold of? We brought these in Weymouth! Anyway Little Snowflake just adores them and loves to draw all these blue nose toys.

Here is Little Snowflakes video on how to draw Chase the Dog from the Blue Nose Tatty Teddy collection:

Little Snowflake is drawing these ACEO art cards to sell on Ebay to try and earn money to buy more Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys as she wants to collect them all.

Check all Little Snowflakes art videos on how to draw Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys:

Don't forget to enter the free Paralympic Mandeville art competition:

See blog for details:

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