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Friday, 30 December 2011

Builder bear rabbit PJ's, dress & nighty handmade

My little girl and I had the flu jab back in October so being sick all over Christmas with flu was a bit of a shocker, especially as we both suffer with Asthma. But hey ho the guilt of not being able to do normal happy family things together got the better of me so I made her some costumes for her builder bear bunny rabbit which she got from Jodie her cousin. Jodie by the way has Cystic Fibrosis so we are the lucky ones!


The above costume was a joint effort design wise. All handmade and hand sewn by me Sharon J. Bainbridge. I used an old white baby sheet for the base of the material. And made the costume very scrapbook like by adding odds and bods. My little girl has some great little design ideas and that is where the little hand sewn squares come from.


The nightdress for the build a bear bunny rabbit was also made from the old white baby sheet and old scraps of material. A little crochet here and there.


The handmade dress was made out of an old dress sent to me by my Mother in law. It has lots of beautiful beads on it. Easy to make and all hand sewn.

I would say the above costumes for build a bear bunny lovers would be easy enough to duplicate. You can use old sheets, clothes anything you can get your hands on so creating clothes for your adorable little builder bear does not have to break the bank and gives you something to do over the holiday season. I could create some patterns if there was interest in the above costumes.

If you wanted to you too could create your very own unique Builder Bear Postcards using your costume designs and scrapbook them like the ones above and my family history photos below. Digital scrapbook postcards are much cheaper and fun. As you can write information on the back and the way I create them it is much cheaper than anywhere else and the quality is amazing!

Read more about the scrapbook postcards:

Well I wish you all a very happy 2012. I am hoping it is going to be a good year for everyone as we all deserve a break!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Trash Pack toy competition fly soup

Guess you have all seen the Trash Pack toys advertised on TV. Think they are quite hard to get hold of in the UK. Anyway my little girl wanted to enter the Trash pack design your own character competition which ends around January 6th 2012. She did not use the templates but created her own design which I adore called Trash Fly Soup:

First she drew the character with thick black pen then I photographed it and put it on the computer where she coloured it in using Photoshop.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and for those lucky enough to have the Trash Pack toys have fun.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Singing noisy toilet sings the blues

Little Snowflake recorded herself singing a song about our very noisy toilet. The cold weather seems to have calmed him down a bit as he is not as noisy as he usually is, but I have to say listening to some of the other singing toilet videos he is still on good form. Love the drawing sweetie. I have no control over the other videos advertised after our ones. Ours are always child friendly, but the others are any ones guess:

Thanks Google for giving my little girl a voice. When you cannot afford to send your child to stage school You Tube and Googles Blog is a must to showcase their work as every child has the right to dream!

Blank postcards 30p each make your own

Great news for budding artists and scrapbook people everywhere. Now you can create your own little art postcards from as little as 30p a card. And if you want to reproduce them it is going to be easy, cheap and professional!

For that really professional look you will only pay 41p per postcard. Now if you are an amazing little artist like my little girl then this is a must, because you can create as many designs as you want to instead of having to buy in bulk.

Order a sample, give your name, telephone number, address and email. Tape 30p to your letter with a stamped address envelope to:

Butterfly Lullaby
14 Alltiago Road

And you will receive your postcard to try out straight away. If you want to know the secret to creating professional looking postcards at a low cost. Enclose a further £1 and you will be sent a link.

Winter the Dolphin Christmas Tree Decoration

We made a Winter the Dolphin Christmas Tree Decoration to go on top of our tree. It was based on my little girls drawing. It is only made out of foam and some Mummy's may not allow it as they want their tree to be perfect, but the magic of Christmas is all about our children so if we can make them smile and give them happy memories. Let them make a mess and create lots of wonderful pieces of art that is what I call a real childhood.

Here she is sending Winter the Dolphin a Christmas message:

And here are her wonderful art creations based on Winter the Dolphin, who she hopes to one day save up and see. Every child has a right to dream!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter the Dolphin Happy Christmas Snowflake

My Little Snowflake would like to wish Winter the Dolphin a very happy Christmas. You can see her gorgeous little drawings of Winter below which were coloured in on the computer.

My friend who Little Snowflake adores creates mosaics. Little Snowflake has created little paper mosaic frames around her pictures, very unique and clever.

Every day she cries a little tear saying will I ever get to see Winter the Dolphin and I say I hope so sweetie. The dream would be to take her and cousin Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis out to America. But that is a dream at the moment because until we sort out this man run Government that is destroying our family values then our children's future looks bleak.

Be a good Mum or Dad and fight back verbally for change with me. Teamwork creates miracles:

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Make Christmas Cards with Little Snowflake child artist

Make a Christmas card design with child artist Little Snowflake. The Group will be held in the Bont before Christmas once interest has been registered with Viv from Pontarddulais Partnership. There is nothing more fun than a child artist teaching children how to draw fun designs.

The exciting news is Little Snowflake will pick the best Christmas Card design and we will animate it with a personal message or song for you to send to all your family and friends. Imagine your child's face!

This will be a parent and child group, one parent must attend with child. Children's age preferred between 5-6 years old. Price £2 per person.  If you are interested get in touch via Facebook. Details at the bottom of this blog. If this one goes well we will be planning lots more in the New Year. After all Little Snowflake wants to visit Winter the Dolphin so Mummy has to do all she can to get her there.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dragon toy Monstrous Nightmare how to train a dragon film Toothless

Last Christmas I made my little girl a Toothless Dragon toy from how to train a dragon. Big mistake, te he as this year she has asked for another dragon toy. We found a site with the other characters from How to train a dragon and she liked the look of Monstrous Nightmare. So I got her to draw it and created a pattern from her drawing:

Below you can see Little Snowflakes original drawing drawn on an old plastic frame with white board pens. Sorry it is not the best quality photo but she had used permanent pens on the white board frame so spent half a day trying to scrub it off.

I went to the kitchen and got some grease proof paper. The picture was pretty big so I had to sellotape two pieces together to create a big pattern.

As you can see below the pattern worked well on red felt like fabric!

Well done Little Snowflake your Monstrous Nightmare Dragon drawing was just perfect to create a toy Dragon. And he will go well with Toothless your Dragon toy I made you last year.

Looking forward to a really, really happy 2012. As it is time we got rid of some dragons!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Maths rap song by Little Snowflake child artist

Here is Little Snowflakes made up rap song about Maths. Completely made up on the spot. What a shame you have to be rich or have lots of money to be able to send your child to stage school. Some children have so much talent but miss out on things in life because of sheer bad luck!

Please show your support for this very sweet little artist and forward all her videos to everyone you know and give her the fan base she so deserves. Every child deserves to live in a damp free house. And I want to make sure my little girl gets the art room she deserves. I just keep on blogging and never give up on hope. Thanks to Google my little girl has a voice.

For all those children that suffer and cannot go to stage school because you were not born with money. Don't worry one day you will be seen. Never give up on your dreams and remember teamwork is the only way forward. Together we can change the world to be kinder to all our children!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

How to make a paper doll with Little Snowflake child artist

My little girl sits for hours drawing and creating amazing things. When she showed me the paper doll she had created I just loved it and thought your children would enjoy making one too. Boys can make a pirate and girls can make a witch for Halloween. You can create lots of different costumes for your paper doll. They would make great greeting cards too for all sorts of occasions!

Sorry guys the lighting is not great on the video, but Little Snowflake is very entertaining. Below the video I have added the templates for you to click on and save, for those children who just like to colour in and cut, cut, cut! I traced round her original paper doll drawings so it is near enough the same.


Click on the image below and save to your computer. Print off and colour in. Then all you have to do is cut, cut, cut. Cut out the head, arms and legs.

Click on the image below of the vest and shorts. Save to your computer. Print off and colour in your own design. Cut, cut, cut the box shape out. Like the video above you tape the head and legs only to the back of the vest and shorts.

Click on the image below and save to your computer. Fold the sides to make a jacket and place on the dolly. You tape the arms to the back of the jacket and design your own dress or costume, or you can come back and find templates from Little Snowflakes designs. Leave a message and we will answer.

Just look at Little Snowflakes Christmas Dress design. Pretty neat ah. Have fun kids. I really loved this little paper doll as it is easy peasy and can give kids hours of fun.

Don't forget Little Snowflake wants to see your designs and artwork so leave her a comment through Mummy and Daddy on this blog. There is a Facebook Group called:

Art and crafts peg dolls dolly pegs children crafts kids crafts is on Facebook

If Mummy or Daddy wants to they can add your pictures and art and crafts to this site and who knows it may end up in a video or even animated like Moron the Welsh Carrot:   The official website for this wonderful little child artist
Little Snowflake is part of Butterfly Lullaby

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Proud of my child are you and why?

This morning my little girl had me cutting out little characters she had drawn to take into school to sell and raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, because she cares more about her cousin than money and possessions.

I cannot say how proud I am of her, my heart sank and that wonderful moment of pride covered me like a warm blanket on a cold winters day. Even though her Dad said no to asking her teacher if she could sell these characters to raise money for this charity, she said "ok Dad I will do it!" That's my girl! I have taught her well.

Below are some characters she created of her very own. The Vegetable and Fruit pirates.

Does my little girl come from a rich background. No! But compared to some children in the world we are rich, because we have a roof over our head. I would say out of all her friends she is the worst off financially and health wise. But she is rich in other ways. She would rather have me at home than working a full time job than not be their for her. And she gets very upset when she is ill with Asthma and I have to go to work in fear of losing my part time job, which just pays some bills. Here she is talking about the damp in our house and little Jodie her cousin who has Cystic Fibrosis. She is wearing a mask because Cyber Bullies.

I will keep on supporting Little Snowflake and get the damp sorted
so she can have an art room. She deserves it!

What has your child done that makes you proud?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sponsor child artist Little Snowflake to promote art products

Little Snowflake is an amazing little artist who draws stunning original little pictures and wants to be on TV. She danced in front of fairy artist Josephine Wall at the Kirks Folly fairy tea party. Sadly Cyber Bullies crashed and burned the footage. But we still have some of her Dad singing at the Enchanted Manor and have lots of videos of her little Butterfly Lullaby art shows.

Here is her very first art show. How to make a clown mask, you gotta, snip, snip, snip! Very funny.

Little Snowflake has had well over 19,000 hits on You Tube with her original design of how to draw a flower alien.

I have been trying to learn a little bit of Welsh so she has created some amazing little Pirate vegetable characters and others to make it more fun as my memory is not great (did you know if you have dyslexia it affects your memory so don't be tough on yourself.)

Little Snowflake loves Google:

Little Snowflake loves the Mr Men books and stories. She has created her very own Little Miss characters. Here is Little Miss Tea Party on her very own cup:

How to draw the Mr Men characters with Little Snowflake child artist.

There are many other videos with this lovely little child artist. We wrote this Christmas song for don't drink and drive. Little Snowflake has a sweet little voice.

Here is Little Snowflake singing her Little Snowflake song last Christmas 2010.

If you would like to sponsor Little Snowflake to promote your art products get in touch by leaving a message on here or through the Butterfly Lullaby website.