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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dragon toy Monstrous Nightmare how to train a dragon film Toothless

Last Christmas I made my little girl a Toothless Dragon toy from how to train a dragon. Big mistake, te he as this year she has asked for another dragon toy. We found a site with the other characters from How to train a dragon and she liked the look of Monstrous Nightmare. So I got her to draw it and created a pattern from her drawing:

Below you can see Little Snowflakes original drawing drawn on an old plastic frame with white board pens. Sorry it is not the best quality photo but she had used permanent pens on the white board frame so spent half a day trying to scrub it off.

I went to the kitchen and got some grease proof paper. The picture was pretty big so I had to sellotape two pieces together to create a big pattern.

As you can see below the pattern worked well on red felt like fabric!

Well done Little Snowflake your Monstrous Nightmare Dragon drawing was just perfect to create a toy Dragon. And he will go well with Toothless your Dragon toy I made you last year.

Looking forward to a really, really happy 2012. As it is time we got rid of some dragons!

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