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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Maths rap song by Little Snowflake child artist

Here is Little Snowflakes made up rap song about Maths. Completely made up on the spot. What a shame you have to be rich or have lots of money to be able to send your child to stage school. Some children have so much talent but miss out on things in life because of sheer bad luck!

Please show your support for this very sweet little artist and forward all her videos to everyone you know and give her the fan base she so deserves. Every child deserves to live in a damp free house. And I want to make sure my little girl gets the art room she deserves. I just keep on blogging and never give up on hope. Thanks to Google my little girl has a voice.

For all those children that suffer and cannot go to stage school because you were not born with money. Don't worry one day you will be seen. Never give up on your dreams and remember teamwork is the only way forward. Together we can change the world to be kinder to all our children!

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