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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sweety Magazine

My Little Girl, Little Snowflake has come up with a magazine. She has called it the Sweety Magazine. Only problem is I am not sure if there is a Sweety thing going on at the moment already? Oh well it is just a fun thing she is doing. And I love her Olympic cartoon page. She loves drawing the characters from the girls cartoon bags. Above you can hear her talking about the Girls Cartoon Bag, which all girls at school are raving about and want.

Is there a Sweety Magazine? Who knows? But I did see some sort of Sweety cartoon. Are these the characters from the cartoon bag?

Oh well I will leave you with Little Snowflakes original Sweety Song:

I think she should create a magazine based on her own characters the Fresh Pack. They are so cute. And I had great fun making them into plastic characters based on her original designs.

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