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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lagoona Blue loves frogs

You know Lagoon Blue loves frogs. She has a three eyed frog. Here is Little Snowflake drawing Lagoona Blues three eyed pet frog and making it into a Postcard.

Now here is where the fun begins. Have you ever tried to grow a frog? Here are some of our frog videos. My little girl and I just love, love frogs. They are so interesting to watch grow from tadpoles.

When I managed to capture this frog in our garden floating on his apple boat it was like watching a Disney film, pure magic!

Our little baby frogs we grew from tadpoles by just feeding them with fish flakes. Make sure you have a place in the tank to crawl on as they will drown once they turn into baby frogs if they have no land. What do you feed baby frogs? Well for us we thought it was kinder to set them all free.

You can turn your old sandpit into a little pond for your tadpoles and frogs!

I could not believe my eyes when I took this photograph of an insect the exact same size as our baby frog!

Now here is a video of me trying to make a frog out of dough. Sadly like everything else I burnt it, te he.
Think I should really give cooking a miss, but him indoors is not much better. At least my gravy is the best in the world or so I have been told.

My little girl loves my gravy, give it a try especially if your kids big and little don't like veg. This is one way to get them to have their five a day.

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