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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Little Snowflake child role model

Little Snowflake is a great child role model for young little girls. She is everything a child should be, funny and innocent. 


For me as a Mother I do not want my little girl wearing nail varnish or make-up. Childhood goes by so quickly it is important to just be a child and go on a magical adventure using your imagination. With the bad weather in the UK it is difficult to get outside. But when we do, wow what a wonderful place it is. 

Little Snowflake has a cute little pet Bunny Rabbit called Cindy Woo.

Here is Cindy Woo trying to eat Toothless the Dragon. Little Snowflake warns her "Hey don't eat my Toothless" I made her Toothless for Christmas a few years ago.

This is Little Snowflakes very first video. In the video she says "You gotta cut, cut cut." Her humour is so sweet and this video still makes me smile. Imagine your child going to the circus and coming back and making their very own clown mask with no help or support, just their own little imagination. That is the beauty of childhood and their imaginations are not getting used to the full because our culture is so different today! I hope to one day make sure their is a CRB check website for our children to all shine in a kind and safe environment. When we as parents are not allowed to video our children on stage you have to question what is wrong with our world!

Here we have Little Snowflake a bit older showing you how to draw her flower alien. Her very own original design. Now that would make a fab magazine! This is her most popular video because everything is game based these days. 

I would like to see a change in our society and have many ideas how to make our world more child friendly. Now would you like your child to watch a singer on TV who looks like she really comes from some sort of stag bash or a little girl singing? Of course we can all see that nothing is child friendly these days. I will leave you with Little Snowflake singing for the first time at school (Heal the world.) It is just an audio with her drawings and paintings. But to me this is real childhood.

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