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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Parents can't video their children

As a Mother who loves to look back on old memories I am heartbroken that we were not allowed to film our little girl at the Grand Theatre singing for the first time on stage in front of 700 people. All because the Internet is not geared up for children or family values. Seriously we need some sort of family website where children can shine safely and has a CRB check database built in to keep the riff Raff out.


We have had so many positive comments about our little girls voice it is heart breaking that she cannot shine in a safe family environment that is Policed by stay at home Mothers for protection. Here is the audio of my Little Girl singing for the first time at school and wow what a fab response we had from teachers and parents.
You go Little Snowflake and melt the snow with rays of sunshine.


With the Olympics drawing so near I would like all sports fans to please stop booing other Countries as it teaches children to do the same which is bullying! My little girl was shaking when she performed at the Grand Theatre because in rehearsal the Welsh speaking school booed them for saying we are The Queen. Meaning the Band Queen and not the Queen Monarch. She obviously was frightened that parents would boo her too. In the video below "My little girl  is asking will someone help me because the house makes her ill?" Sadly no one cares and the banks charge us 14% for a loan for Daddy being out of work and trying to replace the roof which the bank miss sold us on. This loan is more than our mortgage in monthly payments! Seriously how can you mortgage a house knowing full  well the Insurance company will not pay out as there is no felt under the roof tiles? My friend sold her house and the first thing they checked was the roof and damp. How the rich love to exploit the less fortunate and hope that they can financially benefit by claiming the house.

When are adults going to put our children first and make sure the Internet is safe for them so they can shine and not have their childhood stolen.

Here is some old footage of me as a little girl. I would not dream putting my little girl on the Internet without a mask these day. And there is no way I would show her wearing a swimsuit. How sad as that is the innocence  of childhood which has been stolen from them. I believe in good old fashioned values where children have a real Mummy and Daddy. Mothers should get as much support as possible to earn from home using the Internet so our children can grow up feeling happy, safe and secure. Well I will leave you with old Cine Film of me in Hastings as a child. The childhood and freedom my little girl will never know thanks to selfish adults.

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