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Sunday, 12 February 2012

What is Snowflake child artist up to now?

What do you think of Little Snowflakes Fresh Pack characters. I have had to delete the Little from her name as she is fed up with people calling her small at school. My friend knows what it is like as she got bullied for being tall when she was older. Hope that does not happen to my little girl as I hate bullies.

This week we got a friends request on Facebook from our art idol artist Rolf Harris. I wrote to him ages ago about how my little girl is such an amazing artist and sadly the education board in the UK does not support art the way they do sports in schools. But then I guess boys come first and sports seems to take over everything in our world! I know some girls love sports and funny enough it looks like we are related to an amazing athlete who hopefully will be coming over to London for the Paralympics. And guess what she is from Australia too life Rolf Harris. So proud of you Madison you have the family strength, which runs on my Great Grandad's side.

My very dear friend Lyndz sent Rolf Harris some of Little Snowflakes art videos too, which shows she draws fast just like him. Here she is drawing fast like her art idol Rolf Harris:

Little Snowflake loves Mr Men characters so she created two of her own. The above video shows Little Miss Tea Party. And the one below is Little Miss Cappuccino.

Here is Rolf drawing fast, fast, fast!

That's all folks!

If you love the Olympics check out our fantastic relation Madison from Australia. Fingers and toes crossed she gets to come over to London for the Paralympics and we can meet the long lost family:

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