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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Youngest child animator in the world Little Snowflake

My little girl has the talent to be one of the youngest animators in the world. Her father is doing an animation course from home (when he is not playing X Box, watching sports etc.) I want him to teach her what he has learnt so far. If she learns this skill I will never have to worry about her future again. Life for her will be better than mine as a Mother, stress free! If  she has children and the unexpected happens where she is left alone like so many Mothers to fend for herself. Or her partner is a bully. Then she will be able to earn enough money freelancing from home to give her children the Mother at home they deserve and the knowledge that she can escape if she needs to. Nothing worse for a Mother than feeling trapped like a butterfly in a spiders web just waiting for the spider to strike.

No one is going to tell me my little girl and I that we are worthless. And nobody is going to tell me that I am not entitled to justice when I have a file full of problems set against my business. I refuse to be the victim here.   The big question is has my book been reprinted? The more hell I go through the more my book is worth. It has gone up £10 in one week. Now worth £60+. If you buy this book from Waterstones remember no money is going to me the author/publisher or to Cystic Fibrosis for a cure for Jodie.

Is there one kind hearted person on the Internet that can put human rights before money?

I have quite my job for health reason. This fight for justice against men bullies and their selfish ways is a long one. My friend who is a nurse told me "Sharon, you cannot take any more stress it will make you ill." I replied what do you mean it will make me ill, I have been to hell and back and I am still standing. She told me "too much stress can cause cancer." I wonder how many poor Mothers like me have been through so much stress at the hands of selfish men?

I refuse to be the victim. One thing I have found out is that bullies hate people like me because I refuse to let them get away with it. The times I have stood up for my daughter. The Government and Education board need to understand that every single child is different. They all deserve a break and a chance to shine. There is always money for sports, too much. And seeing as that causes racism I feel it is time to take some of that money and put it into the peaceful arts where children learn to care about other people and not to be selfish. This is my little girl rapping about Maths. She finds school work hard. Maybe if I was not so stressed out all the time having to fight for Mothers and children's rights I would be able to help her more. I cannot believe the way some men treat women it is shocking! But even more shocking women do nothing about it. That is just men for you! NO THAT IS HOW YOU ALLOW THEM TO BE! And thanks to these women, we suffer.

I think I should do a mind map!

Find me a Country not run by men that care about children and mothers. I read President Obama is one man respected by women. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.