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Friday, 13 January 2012

Apple - orange smoothie recipe kids drink

It is quite hard to get some children to eat fruit so making a smoothie is the easiest way! And it is so good you can even get the old man to have some too.

Here is Little Snowflake child artist enjoying a freshly squeezed orange and apple smoothie with her fruit pirates.

All you need is four apples and four oranges and just juice them together.  We always use equal quantities of fruit so you can make as much as you want. We have the Breville juicer. I used this more when she was a baby. But seeing as we were so poorly over Christmas with flu and Asthma decided to make these smoothies every week from now on to keep us all healthy.

Little Snowflake is hoping to get some Trash Pack toys for her birthday. I came home the other day from work and the kids had created their own Trash packs out of empty cardboard toilet roll tubes. Pretty impressive. Will upload their video on the Trash Pack page. Then they came up with the idea of the Fresh pack v the Trash Pack. The fresh pack are of course Little Snowflakes fresh food pirates. 

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