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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Moshi Monster song flower seed

Moshi Monster made up birthday song by Little Snowflake child artist. Today is Little Snowflakes friends birthday. Daddy was not able to get the Moshi Monster Flower Seed toy and came back with a Monkey. Mummy had to think quickly as not to disappoint. So I made the Moshi Monster Mask, a tutu and a button hair band. Little Snowflake also recorded a special birthday message to her friend which  is different to this original Moshi Monster Birthday song she made up on the spot!

This morning I checked my You Tube comments and someone very sweet left a kind message about Little Snowflakes made up birthday song for Monster High. They asked if they could use the song and give Little Snowflake a credit, ah how sweet, of course we said yes! There was also a kind comment from someone saying they loved her voice. It feels good to get kind feedback. I really do not understand people that go to so much effort to leave nasty comments, I mean seriously they need to get a hobby. So thanks to everyone that supports Little Snowflake as you make her smile. And lets face it when a child smiles the whole world smiles back!

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