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Friday, 14 September 2012

Bird whistle paint it

Bird Whistle have you ever thought of painting one? Little Snowflake talks you through how Daddy broke hers and we had to search the Internet for a new one and luckily found one. But heck it is not the same. Don't worry Mum (Mom) to the rescue, lets paint it!


1. Acrylic Paints
2. Varnish (water resistant varnish)
3. Small paint brushes of course

I ended up painting the bird whistle Daddy broke by accident. Little Snowflake shows you how she painted the other bird whistle, which I ended up finishing off so sorry there is only part of the video here I am a little camera shy. That is why I am not in a lot of my videos. Maybe I can blame that nasty boyfriend that told his mother I was not pretty. You know girls what it is like, some men just drag you down and knock all the confidence out of you. But we cannot let them win. If not for us for our little girls sake. So go make your bird whistles and whistle hard when men get on your nerves as the noise can be very annoying, but kids love it!

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