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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Divine Freak book review

Divine Freak book review by child artist Little Snowflake! She is now Home schooled because of bullying which sadly causes anxiety in so many children. Say no to bullying! This is my little girls song about how she proved a teacher wrong!

Here is Little Snowflakes drawing of Kitty Slade from the book Divine Freaks. She has a lot in common with Kitty Slade in that she is also Home schooled and much, much more!

Drawing of Eaton Antiques.

Drawing of Rat Man!

Little Snowflake was told the book Divine Freaks was too big a book for her and that she would not be able to read it. Well boy did she prove her wrong! Yes to start with she struggled on approx 35 words, but we wrote those words down and now today she read two pages and managed to read nearly all the words apart from three, amazing! So thank you Fiona Dunbar for writing such an interesting book, one that gets children reading even when they hated it before!

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