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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Child's blog

Child's blog. My little girl said to me she wanted to start her very own blog because she loves to write, sing, draw, make arts and crafts and generally entertain. She has her own name for the blog etc. It would be a great way for her to earn her pocket money. I talk to her about safety on the Internet and she understands even though some of her friends have Facebook accounts and You Tube accounts it is better we do everything through Mummy! I think it is time to get a meeting with Google and an MP so children who have parents that financially struggle because of poor wages get to give their children a safe place for them to shine on the Internet for free.

Here is Little Snowflakes animation based on her story Waterfall Danger!

My daughter sang for the first time at school this year. She had a great teacher who understood that forcing her to learn at the same level as the other children caused her serious anxiety issues. Sadly I had to take her out of school when she changed teachers! It was lovely hearing the headmaster beg her to join the choir.

So where does Little Snowflake get her singing talent? Well it is not from me! Daddy has a beautiful voice and this is his radio interview with Douglas Mounce from Radio Devon.

Her art is on my side. However she is a far better artist than me!

This video of showing children how to draw Tatty Teddy has five stars. Children deserve the right to shine and I hope one day the Internet will put children first like Mothers do.

My daughter created five videos on how to make Spongebob out of a sponge. You can see all five videos on this blog. Some Mothers have been really nasty about her videos, you can hear in my daughters voice that she loves to entertain and if she didn't she would not be begging me to create her very own blog for her to shine! We will have to wait until we can get some support for a Home School secure network.

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