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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Monster High Fan child artist

Little Snowflake, child artist, is a huge Monster High Fan. I am just sending off some of her drawings to have printed as postcards. She had started this drawing of Draculaura and boy had I wished I could have captured the whole thing on video. How she drew it without using a pencil is beyond me. She is so quick at drawing. My pictures take me forever and I have to keep correcting them. The pink card gives Draculaura a lovely poster finish effect.

On Fathers Day we changed her bedroom around. She now has a lot more space and sits up there for hours drawing away. I even love to go into her tidy room as it is the tidiest room in the house now and I just listen to her music and chat away about how her day has been. Being a Mother has to be the most rewarding jobs on this earth. I know it is financially hard but she is worth it. Here are a few other videos of her drawing Monster High characters.

I created these dolls hair bobbles which are easy for children to use on dolls hair, modelled by Draculaura. If only I had the money to mass produce them. Never mind. 

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