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Monday, 11 June 2012

Dolls hair bobbles Hama picture beads

Make doll hair bobbles out of iron beads:
Hama beads, picture beads, perler:

Do you want to learn how to make dolls hair bobbles for your dolls hair? Kids hair bobbles are too big for their dolls hair. They need something smaller. Well this Mummy has come up with an idea and it is something the kids can make. Want to know more. Also please join this blog for my little girl and support her as she is a brilliant little artist. All kids need to shine. See video on how to make dolls hair bobbles at the end of this blog.

Draculaura is a brilliant little doll model who attracted a butterfly. Hmm that script I wrote for her based around Butterfly Lullaby where she asks herself am I a vampire bat or the Butterfly Princess? Maybe our butterfly flying back to see us is a sign for me to finish this story.

What do you think Draculaura really is? I think she looks gorgeous as a Butterfly Princess:

Here is the tutorial on how to make Monster High Hair bobbles, my own design.
The pink and black bow style is ideal for Draculaura.


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