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Monday, 5 March 2012

Fairtrade drawing love Easter chocolate hate slavery

My little girl started her Fairtrade Poster with a story on how white people should treat dark people as equals. A team! I loved that and even though someone told her this had nothing to do with Fairtrade I feel that actually it does. All the children on the Coco farms that are stolen from their homes and forced to work for free are dark in colour, not white!

It is a fact of life that traders can become very greedy, selfish and actually do not give a damn about children when it comes to how much profit they can make. There are a lot of families that are in debt due to poor salaries in the UK. We are one of them! If you are a struggling Mummy like me get in touch. If we work together as a team I am sure it is possible to earn a living from the Internet and give hope to children all over the world. Bring back family values and give hope to our children who are our future!

Contact Sharon: teamwork can move mountains

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