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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bratz wings & mask costume handmade by Little Snowflake

Little Snowflake, Little Snowflake you are a total genius! Can you believe my little girl made the above costume on her own. The black dress butterfly body took her all of five minutes. No pattern, she just cut, cut, cut. Then she made the wings using my Butterfly Mask template I created when we were trying to save her school Butterfly Meadow. I had no idea you could use crayon to colour fabric? That is what she used when her blue felt tip pens ran out.

London Mum's Magazine loved this post. Monica collects Bratz and Barbie dolls so I will have to see if we can create some more costumes.

Here is the costume I created for her Bratz doll. Not as good as Little Snowflakes as I did not take her feet off to make her into a real butterfly. And my costume took a lot longer. She is just like Rolf Harris, wish I was as quick as her at making things.

Here is my little girl showing you how she transformed her Bratz doll into a beautiful Holly Blue Butterfly.

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