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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Copying school work help

Copying school work is a cry for help! Home school learning, no more copying! A teachers job is very difficult and to teach a classroom of 30 children must be one huge challenge. When I was at school I copied, not because I was being naughty but because I was off school so much with asthma and suffered from dyslexia, I just did not understand the work and could not face looking stupid. Which we all know happens! All you hear is how that child is so bright, instead of lucky to have an amazing memory, which just sucks up information like a sponge. I could see the struggles my little girl had at school with what I went through. One to one tuition helps! Being shown what to do instead of being told has a much better impact on how the information is absorbed in the brain. For me personally I feel with all the Government and Council checks it puts pressures on teachers, which is then forced on our poor children. Children are not allowed a childhood any more. Homework from a very young age and it gets worse as they get older. School should be school and home time is for relaxing and enjoying your youth, as when you grow up it is nothing but stress!

Home school week 1 - Little Snowflake

Here is my report for home schooling with Little Snowflake for the very 1st week!

Home school week 2 - Little Snowflake

Home school week 2 is not up yet, but here is part of my report on what we have achieved this week so far.

Little Snowflake adored her teacher last term as he gave her back her confidence after it was knocked so badly in a previous class. When children make fun of you because you do not know the answer it is totally sole destroying, and quite frankly some teachers should know better than to pick on children that struggle. My little girl is so gifted she deserves to shine, and shine she will with Mummy's support! But I do have to thank her Head Master for telling her she has an amazing voice and getting her to join the school choir. Also for the lovely teacher that she got moved to when the other class made her so unhappy and anxious. Her last teacher really made her laugh and made school fun. So much so she had the confidence to get up in front of all the parents and sing Heal the World as a solo act.

Copying school work for most is because they are crying out for help and support. They must not be punished but instead listened to! School can sadly make some children very unhappy and worse. I know a good few people that suffer from mental health issues thanks to stresses at school and other things that have destroyed their childhood. Our kids deserve better so team up and make our world a better and happier place!

My little girl wants to write lots of stories and sell them as E books

Little Snowflake is not a great reader but she loves to write. And personally for me writing is better than reading as you have to think about the word you write or type out. I hope to have her touch typing by next year. Here is a little script Little Snowflake put together and animated using Crazy Talk with her drawings and voice! Gifted children do not get the support they deserve!

Dream big, get things done and change the world! Well I am still trying and very much hope that things change soon as us Mothers and Children deserve to be happy! Contact: Sharon J. Bainbridge English Flower alien Mother with a dream so big, I may have to find another planet!

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